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How 1-on-1 Session Helps Students & Professionals

Your career is yours to create. With guidance right from the time you're in school, about to graduate, till you get admitted - we have all the resources for you.

It's a testing time with lots of big decisions, therefore we advise parents and children to attend the session together.

Studying abroad is a sure shot way of gaining a global perspective into your domain. With guidance on which country is a domain expert in your field, we are able to guide you to universities

Once we pick a country and university, financials also play a big part in the decision - therefore, we advise you on routes to get scholarship and funding.

We help you shortlisting the universities where your chances are high of getting in. Then, we work on the profiling bit of your admission with a strategy and all the documentation that goes with it.

Be it your SOP or your personal essay, we have helped 4000+ students get into top universities, and will be able to help you too.

Your career isn't linear, it is meant to be a staircase of calculated steps to achieve a bigger goal. Lots of people get stuck here, and it’s where we come in.

We understand your career, assess the moves you can make and guide you to succeeding. Alternatively, you might want to shift a domain, and then we help you with upskilling, resume building, linkedin profile, networking and personal branding to get you the job of your dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is this for?

Everyone can use this facility! Whether you are a student, working professional or parent. We have several categories of counselling - career development, college shortlisting (or college list review), college admissions, job search or career change

How do these sessions take place?

We are virtual-first. Therefore, Skype, Phone, Google Meet or WhatsApp works. Once you book and pick the option you wish to take, we will guide you on next steps.

What topics do we cover in the 1:1 Session?

Everything from career, college, job and your future.

What college specific services do you offer?

We help you end-to-end. From when the idea first arises to pursue your education, till you get admitted.
Therefore, we have:

  • Profile Building for admissions at the top universities abroad
  • Study Abroad Counselling- Courses, Universities, Test Prep, Countries, Financing & Scholarships
  • College shortlisting and strategy
  • Application Strategy and Career Roadmap
  • Offer/Acceptance Reviews - Suggestions on choosing the right university (for the folks with multiple offers)
  • Confusion, doubts or frustrations in their jobs or careers

For what countries can you counsel in?

We are knowledgeable about all countries. We get a lot of inquiries for

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Europe (Sweden, Netherlands, France, etc.)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • South Korea

What will I receive in the 1 hour 1:1 counselling session?

We are here to answer your questions that keep you up at night!

For study abroad (UG, MS, MBA, PhD) common questions are:

  • Profile evaluation
  • Introductory call (before signing up for full-fledged admission consulting packages)
  • MS/MBA course selection guidance
  • Strategy on how to shortlist programs/universities
  • Profile building for admission and scholarships
  • Contacting schools, researchers or faculty members
  • Evaluating job prospects after particular graduate programs
  • Final application strategy

For Career Counselling and Job Search Guidance common questions are:

  • Profile evaluation
  • CV Guidance (Review/Edit)
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Online Personal Branding
  • Networking
  • Job Search and Application Strategy

What are your refund policies?

Once booked, there is no refund. There is however an option to reschedule twice. If the counselor does not attend the session without prior notice, full refund is processed without any questions asked. The Counselor could reach out to you to reschedule the session (in case of any emergency)