How college connect works?

Build your student profile, student locker and share with colleges you are interested in attending. We will share your profile with these colleges online so they can get in touch with you if interested in your profile.

Sign-up as student
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Build a profile
Build your online profile, including your academic achievements, interests, aspirations and upload your project work.
Find colleges & save them in your college list
Use Stoodnt's college search feature to find colleges that may be a good fit for your profile and interests. Check these colleges and save them in your college list.
Share your student profile with colleges
All of your information is private unless shared with a college you are interested in attending.
Stoodnt connects you with them for free
Stoodnt is working with number of colleges and plans to add many more to its network. We will share your profile to college recruiting teams for Free.
Apply to them
Once you connect with the colleges, ask questions, learn more about them. Don't forget to apply. If you need help from a guidance counselor, contact Stoodnt team.
Gain admission and Join!
Once admitted, you are ready to achieve your dreams. Good luck!