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At the undergraduate level, Sarah Lawrence offers an alternative to traditional majors. Students pursue a wide variety of courses in four different curricular distributions: the Creative Arts (writing, music, dance, theatre, film, and the plastic arts, such as painting, printmaking, drawing and sculpture); history and the social sciences (e.g., anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology); the humanities (e.g., Asian studies, art history, film studies, languages, literature, philosophy, and religion); and natural science and mathematics (biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and mathematics). Classes are structured around a seminar-conference system through which students learn in small, highly interactive seminars and in private tutorials with professors. Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor, known as a "don," to plan a course of study and provide ongoing academic guidance. Most courses, apart from those in the performing arts, consist of two parts: the seminar, limited to 15 students, and the conference, a meeting with a seminar professor. In these conferences, students develop individual projects that extend the course material and link it to their personal interests. Sarah Lawrence has no required courses and traditional examinations have largely been replaced with research papers. Additionally, grades are recorded only for transcript purposes—narrative evaluations are given in lieu of grades. The College sponsors international programs in Florence, at Wadham College, Oxford, at Reid Hall in Paris, and at the British American Drama Academy in London. Sarah Lawrence is one of the only American colleges operating an international program in Cuba

%of students whose need was fully met80
College rating
Global Brand US Brand Corporate Reputation Engineering Program Liberal Arts Program Business Programs Graduate Programs
4 5 5 4 5 4 4
Student Information
Total Men Women
Applications 2,165 496 1,669
Admitted 1,335 314 1,021
Enrolled 344 85 259
Student Diversity
Category Men Women
African American 17 59
Asian 18 51
White 273 746
Hispanic 41 117
International(Men & Women)% 11 -
Academic stats (SAT)
SAT Section Score Range
Critical Reading 515 - 655
Math 485 - 630
Writing 485 - 630
Total Score 1485 - 1915
Fee In-State Out of State
Tuition $76,892.00 $76,892.00
Financial Aid
Aid/Loan No of students receiving aids Percent of students receiving aids Total amount of receiving aids Average amount of receiving aids
Fedral/State/Local Aid 918 65% $28,182,788.00 $30,700.00
Pell Grant Aid 276 19% $1,179,617.00 $4,274.00
Fedral Student Loan 870 61% $3,798,121.00 $4,366.00
Key Programs Offered in Under Graduate
Key Programs Offered in Graduate (Masters)
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