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Denison offers three types of degrees: B.A., B.S., and B.F.A. The most popular majors are Economics, Biology, Communication, Psychology, History, and English. Students can create their own major (called an interdepartmental major). In 2016, the college added two new majors: data analytics and global commerce. In an article published in The Huffington Post, Denison president Adam Weinberg argues that the study of big data may not be unique for post-secondary education, but the marriage of liberal arts and data analytics is a unique concept. "In short," he writes. "a liberal arts background gives data analytics its soul." The interdisciplinary major combines courses in mathematics and computer science, electives from the social and natural sciences and four new courses in data analytics.Early leadership in women's education (click on image to read inscription) These courses allow students to acquire a foundation, learn the technique, apply the technique across disciplines, and pull it all together. According to Weinberg, this foundation will help students frame questions appropriately, work in interdisciplinary teams, communicate results effectively, and make ethical decisions. As reported by The Newark Advocate, graduates from this major may work in fields like marketing, product development, public health and other vocations

%of students whose need was fully met85
College rating
Global Brand US Brand Corporate Reputation Engineering Program Liberal Arts Program Business Programs Graduate Programs
3 5 5 3 5 3 3
Student Information
Total Men Women
Applications 4,770 2,079 2,691
Admitted 2,193 892 1,301
Enrolled 582 259 323
Student Diversity
Category Men Women
African American 50 97
Asian 34 42
White 660 902
Hispanic 84 119
International(Men & Women)% 7 -
Academic stats (SAT)
SAT Section Score Range
Critical Reading 590 - 660
Math 600 - 670
Writing 0 - 0
Total Score 1190 - 1330
Fee In-State Out of State
Tuition $65,210.00 $65,210.00
Financial Aid
Aid/Loan No of students receiving aids Percent of students receiving aids Total amount of receiving aids Average amount of receiving aids
Fedral/State/Local Aid 2,212 95% $53,953,912.00 $24,391.00
Pell Grant Aid 424 18% $1,814,949.00 $4,281.00
Fedral Student Loan 1,222 52% $6,286,263.00 $5,144.00
Key Programs Offered in Under Graduate
  • Architecture, Planning and Environment
    • Environmental Studies
  • Arts, Humanities and Languages
    • East Asian Studies
    • Latin American Studies
    • Western European Studies
    • African-American/Black Studies
    • Women's Studies
    • General Education
    • Physical Education Teaching and Coaching
    • Other Education
    • General Foreign Languages and Literatures
    • German Language and Literature
    • French Language and Literature
    • Spanish Language and Literature
    • General Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
    • Latin Language and Literature
    • General English Language and Literature
    • General Writing
    • Philosophy
    • Religion/Religious Studies
    • General Psychology
    • General Dance
    • General Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts
    • Technical Theatre/Theatre Design and Technology
    • Film/Cinema/Video Studies
    • General Art/Art Studies
    • General Fine/Studio Arts
    • Criticism and Conservation Art History
    • Other Fine Arts and Art Studies
    • General Music
    • Other Visual and Performing Arts
    • General History
  • Media and Communication
    • Mass Communication/Media Studies
    • Other Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs
  • Engineering and Technology
    • Computer Science
  • Math and Sciences
    • Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies
    • General Biology/Biological Sciences
    • Biochemistry
    • General Mathematics
    • Other Mathematics and Statistics
    • Physical Sciences
    • General Chemistry
    • General Geology/Earth Science
    • General Physics
Key Programs Offered in Graduate (Masters)
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