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Whitman College focuses solely on undergraduate studies in the liberal arts. All students must take a two-semester course their first year, Encounters, which examines cultural interactions throughout history and gives students a grounding in the liberal arts. Students choose from courses in 46 major fields and 32 minor fields and have wide flexibility in designing independent study programs, electing special majors, and participating in internships and study-abroad programs. Whitman's most popular majors are Biology, Psychology and Economics. In addition, Whitman is noted for a strong science program. Degrees are awarded after successful completion of senior "comprehensive exams." These exams vary depending on the students' primary focus of study, but commonly include some combination of (i) a senior thesis, (ii) written examination, and (iii) oral examination. The oral examination is either a defense of the student's senior thesis, or is one or multiple exams of material the student is expected to have learned during their major. The written exam is either a GRE subject test or a test composed by the department.University rankingsNationalForbes53Liberal arts collegesU.S. News & World Report 41Washington Monthly94For students who are interested in foreign policy, Whitman is one of 16 institutions participating in the two-year-old Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship program.The State Department pays for fellows to obtain their master's degree at the university of their choice in return for three years of service as a Foreign Service Officer. Whitman has a number of alumni who serve in diplomatic corps

%of students whose need was fully met100
College rating
Global Brand US Brand Corporate Reputation Engineering Program Liberal Arts Program Business Programs Graduate Programs
3 5 5 3 5 3 3
Student Information
Total Men Women
Applications 2,586 1,022 1,564
Admitted 1,473 591 882
Enrolled 392 172 220
Student Diversity
Category Men Women
African American 8 11
Asian 35 63
White 495 616
Hispanic 46 72
International(Men & Women)% 4 -
Academic stats (SAT)
SAT Section Score Range
Critical Reading 610 - 730
Math 610 - 693
Writing 608 - 700
Total Score 1828 - 2123
Fee In-State Out of State
Tuition $59,470.00 $59,470.00
Financial Aid
Aid/Loan No of students receiving aids Percent of students receiving aids Total amount of receiving aids Average amount of receiving aids
Fedral/State/Local Aid 1,328 86% $22,339,519.00 $16,822.00
Pell Grant Aid 160 10% $861,341.00 $5,383.00
Fedral Student Loan 552 36% $3,123,623.00 $5,659.00
Key Programs Offered in Under Graduate
  • Arts, Humanities and Languages
    • Asian Studies/Civilization
    • Other Ethnic, Cultural Minority, Gender, and Group Studies
    • German Language and Literature
    • French Language and Literature
    • Spanish Language and Literature
    • General Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
    • General English Language and Literature
    • Philosophy
    • Religion/Religious Studies
    • General Psychology
    • General Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts
    • Film/Cinema/Video Studies
    • General Fine/Studio Arts
    • Criticism and Conservation Art History
    • Other Fine Arts and Art Studies
    • General Music
    • General Music Performance
    • Music Theory and Composition
    • General History
  • Media and Communication
    • Speech Communication and Rhetoric
  • Engineering and Technology
    • General Engineering
  • Math and Sciences
    • Humanities/Humanistic Studies
    • General Biology/Biological Sciences
    • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    • Environmental Biology
    • Other Biological and Biomedical Sciences
    • General Mathematics
    • Other Mathematics
    • General Applied Mathematics
    • Financial Mathematics
    • Technology and Society Science
    • Astronomy
    • Astrophysics
    • General Chemistry
    • General Geology/Earth Science
    • Geochemistry
    • Geophysics and Seismology
    • Other Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences
    • General Physics
Key Programs Offered in Graduate (Masters)
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