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Beloit College's curriculum retains many aspects of the Beloit Plan from the 1960s, emphasizing experiential learning, learner agency, and reflective connection-making between out-of-classroom and in-classroom learning experiences, or "the liberal arts in practice." Academic strengths include field-oriented disciplines such as anthropology and geology. More Beloit graduates have earned Ph.D.s in anthropology than graduates of any other undergraduate liberal arts college not affiliated with a university and the school ranks among the top 20 American liberal arts colleges whose graduates go on to earn a Ph.D. in general. The geology department continues a tradition that began with T. C. Chamberlin more than a century ago. Today the department combines a course load with mandatory field methods and research. The department is a member of the Keck Geology Consortium, a research collaboration of several similar colleges across the United States, including Amherst College, Pomona College, and Washington and Lee University. The Consortium sends undergraduate students worldwide to research and publish their findings.Jerry Gustafson created the Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB) to provide opportunities for students to learn entrepreneurial skills in both business and the arts.

%of students whose need was fully met0
College rating
Global Brand US Brand Corporate Reputation Engineering Program Liberal Arts Program Business Programs Graduate Programs
5 5 4 4 4 4 5
Student Information
Total Men Women
Applications 2,253 1,054 1,199
Admitted 1,525 668 857
Enrolled 299 126 173
Student Diversity
Category Men Women
African American 33 25
Asian 9 16
White 387 541
Hispanic 42 62
International(Men & Women)% 9 -
Academic stats (SAT)
SAT Section Score Range
Critical Reading 550 - 710
Math 540 - 660
Writing 0 - 0
Total Score 1090 - 1370
Fee In-State Out of State
Tuition $53,342.00 $53,342.00
Financial Aid
Aid/Loan No of students receiving aids Percent of students receiving aids Total amount of receiving aids Average amount of receiving aids
Fedral/State/Local Aid 1,217 90% $26,882,965.00 $22,090.00
Pell Grant Aid 244 18% $965,450.00 $3,957.00
Fedral Student Loan 786 58% $5,230,376.00 $6,654.00
Key Programs Offered in Under Graduate
  • Architecture, Planning and Environment
    • Environmental Studies
  • Arts, Humanities and Languages
    • Women's Studies
    • General Education
    • Art Teacher Education
    • Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education
    • General Foreign Languages and Literatures
    • Comparative Literature
    • Chinese Language and Literature
    • Japanese Language and Literature
    • Other East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
    • Russian Language and Literature
    • German Language and Literature
    • French Language and Literature
    • Spanish Language and Literature
    • General Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
    • Creative Writing
    • Rhetoric and Composition
    • Other English Language and Literature/Letters
    • Philosophy
    • Religion/Religious Studies
    • General Psychology
    • General Visual and Performing Arts
    • General Dance
    • General Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts
    • Technical Theatre/Theatre Design and Technology
    • History and Criticism Theatre Literature
    • Acting
    • Directing and Theatrical Production
    • Other Dramatic/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft
    • General Fine/Studio Arts
    • Criticism and Conservation Art History
    • General Music
    • General History
  • Engineering and Technology
    • Computer Science
    • General Engineering
  • Math and Sciences
    • General Biology/Biological Sciences
    • Biochemistry
    • Molecular Biology
    • Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology
    • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    • Other Biological and Biomedical Sciences
    • General Mathematics
    • Technology and Society Science
    • Other Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies
    • General Chemistry
    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Other Chemistry
    • General Geology/Earth Science
    • Other Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences
    • General Physics
  • Medical and Health Services
    • Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse
  • Business
    • General Business Administration and Management
    • Business/Managerial Economics
Key Programs Offered in Graduate (Masters)
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