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      Asha Mathur

      Hi Stoodnt Counsellors,

      My daughter will be applying for college next year (class of 2026). How many colleges do you guys recommend to apply to?

      Please advise.


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      Tanmoy Ray

      On Common App, students can apply to a maximum of 20 colleges. However, we recommend that you apply to 12 – 15 colleges.

      However, please be advised that the number of colleges you should apply to is dependent on your personal situation and your priorities when selecting a college.

      For example, if you have a dream school that offers early decision or early action, then you may only have to apply to one college. If you apply early decision, you’ll typically be submitting your application in November and should receive an admissions decision by December, before the application deadlines for most colleges. If you’re accepted to a school that you apply to early decision, you have to attend.

      Hope this helps.

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      If the student is applying to some of the highly competitive colleges (top 50 colleges), better to apply to more colleges as chances of getting into any of them is less than 10%. If the student is applying to colleges where admission rates are 30-60%, a list of 10-12 colleges may suffice unless one wants to throw a wide net to see which colleges provide what aid to the student. Creation of college list is a mix of art and science, with goal of maximizing results and options across different types of colleges.

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      Jane Kim

      I’m looking for something interesting. I want you to try to recommend

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