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Amaneesh Kaur
MBA (ESADE), Management (LSE) | Ex J.P Morgan & Chase
Language Spoken: English | Punjabi | Hindi
Faridabad, India
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  • Personal Branding
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About Amaneesh


Amaneesh is a Senior Counsellor and Admissions Consultant specialized in management related courses such as MBA, MiM, Marketing, Business Studies, and Corporate Finance. Apart from the above, she has in-depth knowledge of topics like Business Analytics, Data Science & Analytics, Supply Chain, Brand Management, Public Health, and STEM programs like Computer Science, Could Computing, Mechanical Engineering, and Material Sciences to name a few.


Amaneesh is also keen on helping students in developing their network through the optimum utilization of platforms like LinkedIn and also through online personal branding.


Amaneesh is a Computer Engineering graduate and has worked with top names like J.P Morgan & Chase as a Chief Technology Analyst. To satiate her proclivity in management, Amaneesh did a short course in Strategic Management from the London School of Economics (LSE) and earned an A+ in her studies. She further went on to complete her Master's degree from ESADE Business School, Barcelona, and an exchange-program from Georgetown University, Washington D.C in Global Business.


Amaneesh has guided hundreds of students in their career choices before embarking upon on her journey as a Senior Education Consultant with SOP-Edits Overseas Consultants (www.sopedits.com), India’s Premier Education Consultancy that helps turn the study abroad dreams of students into reality. In 2019, her consultancy received an award for being the Best Education Consultancy in North-India, presented by Excel Research Group in the field of International Education.

Testimonials & Reviews


by Gagan Singh Warah, MBA at Capilano Uni. (Canada)
April 08, 2020

My overall experience with SOP-Edits has been so amazing. The whole team has been so proactive at their work and delivered the best outcomes for me. In spite of my low IELTS score, Amaneesh ma'am has always motivated me and has kept me positive throughout the journey. It's because of her that I am able to get through a great university - Capilano University. In the end, I would just like to thank her and her entire team for being so efficient and cooperative and making my dreams come true.

by Vaibhav Chaudhary, Skema Business School (France)
April 08, 2020

If you want to study abroad then Sop Edits should be your choice. They took care of everything....from day one to the day I reached my destination. Though I was careless about everything but Sop Edits took care of everything very nicely. They help you with everything and provide you the best option available for you and not like other consultants who just send students into the dark sufferings in the name of studying abroad. You get only one life, so get it right, guys.

by Sujata Shinde, admit at University of Utah
April 08, 2020

I strongly recommend SOP-Edits if you are planning for overseas education. No matter from which part of India you are, Amaneesh ma’am and her team will take care of each and everything which you might even not expect to be done from the local consultant. I was working in Pune and I contacted SOP-Edits over a call, and I decided to go with them by seeing their energy level and enthusiasm without even thinking of the Team’s location and trust me; I was very happy with my decision.

Amaneesh Ma’am and her entire team are really helpful and always available for the students. I got into my dream university because of them. I highly recommend this consultancy to all. Don’t think much; just go for it!

by Radhika Chauhan, admit at King's College London
April 08, 2020

The team at SOP Edits is not only on top of your applications, but they actually give you the confidence that you can make it into great institutions. The application process is such an emotionally taxing and harrowing experience, especially if you don’t have anyone to guide you. The team at SOP Edits provides you with all the support you would ever want with your applications, and they really make a personal effort for you to make the most of your experience!

by Tejaswini Zewar, University of Utah (USA)
April 08, 2020

Amaneesh and her team helped me with all basic stuff and answered all my silly queries. I would say this is not a consultancy, but when you’re a part of it, it becomes your family who will hold your hand till you reach your destination. Everyone makes you feel very comfortable for each step you take which I feel is absolutely important while dealing with anybody in this world.

After all the struggle they have taken for me for about 6 months, I finally got into my dream university (University of Utah) in the US. I am really lucky to meet Amaneesh di by accident and thankful from the bottom of my heart to her and to the whole team for getting me here. It was indeed a pleasant experience.

by Sampada Shyam, MIS admit at University of Maryland
April 08, 2020

Recommended to every student who wants to pursue education abroad. Amaneesh and Team are Very approachable, amiable and helpful people. Team helped me in each and every stage of my application process. Amaneesh has been very helpful and concerned until the day I got my Visa. Thanks SOP-Edits team.

by Mahak Gupta, MBA(Finance) at Olin & William & Mary
April 08, 2020

When I started with my international MBA journey, I knew I needed a mentor to guide me to the unknowns and tricks of the trade. Amaneesh provided me with a complete package. I am extremely grateful to her for her efforts and help afforded to me. I would completely recommend her to any aspiring MBA applicant and believe that she would truly make a huge contribution to realizing their MBA dreams.

by Abhimanyu Singh, BE admits at UBC & UWaterloo
April 08, 2020

I personally visited many consultancies and SOP-Edits was my choice for college and career planning. Amaneesh Ma’am gives personal attention to every SOP and it is worked upon till the final draft. Getting into UWaterloo & UBC (Canada) and in the course of my choice was made easier here.

by Gurmastak Singh, BEng Admit (SFU, Canada)
April 08, 2020

My success in attaining this opportunity in life is due, in part, to your guidance and assistance Amaneesh.
Gratitude is not enough to tell you how much your efforts and hard work is truly appreciated. Without your continuous support and contribution, I would never have achieved this feat. Nobody could have done this work better!
The generous help of you and SOP-Edits team will forever live in our hearts and minds.
Thank you for the impeccable support! 

by Dildeep Singh, MiM admits at ESSEC, Schulich, UBC
April 08, 2020

From the start, I knew I was applying to competitive programs so I had to make sure that I put my strongest application forward and that I did-All thanks to Amaneesh ma’am and SOP-Edits. Right from brainstorming sessions to crafting a perfect sop's and video essays, I got it all round the clock.

Amaneesh Ma'am made sure that she was always available and she answered all my queries patiently. She was a friend, a guide and a mentor. SOP-Edits helped me immensely to help me prepare for my interviews.

The best thing was a one-stop solution to all my needs. I also got help with my visa process and all my things were done without fuss and super efficiently. Also, the prices were very pocket friendly. I would highly recommend them and If you are looking to pursue a program abroad, look no further and avail their services.

by Geetika Pandya, Admit at UC Berkeley (USA)
April 08, 2020

I heard about SOP Edits from a friend of mine at a time when I needed someone to proofread my SOP and tell me I was on the right path. Amaneesh and her team were prompt and supportive and provided valuable feedback. They have guided me through different stages of the application process - right till the VISA interview. I thank them for their support and professionalism!