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Debbie Abrahamson
BA-UPenn, MA-Stanford, MFA-USC
Language Spoken: English
New York, United States
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  • College Admissions (UG)
  • MBA Admission Consulting
  • Science and Engineering
  • Liberal Arts

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About Debbie


An academic consultant for over fifteen years, Debbie has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA from Stanford, and an MFA from University of Southern California USC). She has successfully helped hundreds of domestic and international students gain admission to Ivy League and top colleges, as well as to MBA and other graduate programs. She also teaches writing and prepares students for standardized tests. In her free time, Debbie writes screenplays.

Testimonials & Reviews


by Client 1
December 31, 2018

Thanks for all of the effort that you put into our application process. You became such an integral part of the process that it almost felt like you were in our family.

by Client 2
December 31, 2018

I cannot thank you enough for the magic you wove into my essays and the insight you gave me into myself. I am obliged. Thank you so much Debbie! I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without you, seriously! Thank you so much!

by Client 3
December 31, 2018

Thanks a ton Debbie!
This wouldn't have been possible without you. Truly means a lot.