Grace Hinds
M.Ed. & PhD in Higher Education Leadership
Language Spoken: English
Bronx, New York, United States
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  • College Admissions (UG)
  • Liberal Arts
  • Arts, Humanities and Languages

About Grace


Grace Hinds, M.Ed. & Ph.D. in Higher Education Consultant Grace Hinds is passionate about helping students succeed in college degree and certificate programs. She is an education administrator and adjunct professor with over twelve years of experience. Ms. Hinds started her education career as an admissions officer, subsequently, she’s held the following college executive titles: director of student services, acting dean of students, adjunct professor, higher education consultant, senior academic advisor to master’s degree students, and director/chair of academic advisement and success programs.


Ms. Hinds is credentialed in two fields: classical music and education. Grace is a graduate of the nationally acclaimed Hartt College of Music (University of Hartford) and the American InterContinental University she’s earned a Bachelor’s in Music, a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and Doctoral artist diploma in Classical Music. Ms. Hinds also has a master’s degree in education (concentration: leadership of educational organizations). Additionally, Ms. Hinds is a Ph.D. degree holder in Higher Education Leadership at Trident University. Her dissertation is an analysis of the impact of classical music on high school students’ sense of self-esteem, sense of membership, and self-efficacy.


May 16, 2019
Yash K

Dr. Hinds was extremely kind and helpful from the beginning of our sessions. She played a big part in helping me craft my essays; additionally, she was able to give me valuable insight concerning American colleges and universities because of her participation in college admissions teams.

May 16, 2019
Jada P

It was a pleasure working with Dr. Hinds. My senior year was extremely hectic. Trying to balance classes with extra-curricular activities was a challenge. Dr. Hinds’ assistance with my college applications and essays was an asset. She was able to analyze and perfect my submissions. I attribute a significant amount of my success to her commitment and professionalism.

May 16, 2019
Sanjana S

Remarkable experience! Dr. Grace Hinds saved me from anxiety by always being there to answer my questions. She set-up regular sessions to talk about the progress of my Ph.D. applications. She was extremely supportive and informative throughout the entire process. I would surely recommend her services to others.