Ruchi Saran
BA and Associate Degree
Language Spoken: English
Campbell, CA, United States
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  • College Admissions (UG)
  • Liberal Arts
  • Math and Sciences
  • Arts, Humanities and Languages
  • Career Guidance
  • Science and Engineering

About Ruchi


Ruchi specializes in counselling students from Grade 8-11 for College Admissions to the US. She has spent her last 8 years understanding the college admissions process and firmly believes that the key is to start early. Having lived both in India and the US in the last 25years, she understands the education system very well in both places. She has a BA in Psychology and an Associate Degree in Interior Design, Graphic Design and Child Education and has worked with kids ranging from 5-18 years. She was instrumental in setting up the GEMS Modern Academy School in Gurgaon. She strongly believes in giving back to the community and is an active volunteer in a couple of NGOs. She is also on the board for Udayan Care USA

Currently, she is residing in California, USA with her husband and 2 sons. One is a graduate from UC Berkeley and the other has just joined UC Berkeley as a freshman.