Sunitha Prithviraj
MA in English, MEd
Language Spoken: English | Hindi | Malayalam | Tamil
Bangalore, India
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  • Transfer Admissions (UG)
  • College Admissions (UG)
  • Career Guidance
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Math and Sciences
  • Arts, Humanities and Languages
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • Study in USA
  • Study in Canada

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About Sunitha


My passion for Interior Design led me to start a business that turns peoples dream to reality and my ardent enthusiasm and curiosity in the field of education led me to teaching, soft skill training and finally career counselling! I do what I like and hence enjoy whatever I do!

My personal experience with my daughter’s successful transfer during her third year Computer Science Engineering course and her admits to UT Austin, UBC, UW-Madison and other renowned universities brought me closer to this field. Our struggles to find the right process for college admission abroad was an eye opener to me and I felt that I can add a lot of value to an ambitious student who is looking for college admissions in the US and Canada.

I love travelling and observing peoples lives in general when I travel to a new place. My travels have brought in a lot of change in the way I look at life now and it has indeed impacted my views on education and it’s importance to a society. Reading and music too bring a lot of peace and hope to me. More than anything, my full time job as a mother of two wonderful girls has taught me life lessons that no teacher could have taught me.

If you are a hardworking, ambitious dreamer who wants to break the glass ceiling and achieve bigger dreams, I am here to help you :)