BEd, Career Counseling Certification UCLA & Singapore | MSc.(Bio sciences)
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Kolkata, India
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  • Career Counselling for School Kids (Grade 8 - 12)
  • Counselling for Subject Selection (Grade 8 - 12)
  • Psychometric Test (myVector)
  • Career Guidance
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Math and Sciences

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Tanima Roychowdhury MSc, BEd, Career Counselling Certification from UCLA and Singapore Tanima is an experienced career guidance counselor and educationist who has worked extensively both in India and abroad with school (grade 8-12) and college students.


A gold medallist from CU, Tanima is a passionate teacher and loves to work with teenagers and young adults gaining immense satisfaction from guiding them in their search for the right career fit and see them achieve their dreams. Having a wide experience in both the corporate and academic world she is able to give students the correct perspective and guide them to make the correct career choices using the assessment tool myVector and counseling sessions.


As a Director of Catalyst Advisory Services, she and her team work closely with various schools and colleges as career consultants and also conduct student and teacher workshops.


Please note:  If you want to opt for myVector (Online Psychometric Test) followed by One-Hour Counselling, please book the session at least 3 days in advance.

Once you book your session, Tanima will send you the link for the psychometric test. Tanima will then call/email you to confirm the counseling session. 

The counseling session will be conducted 48 hours after the psychometric test is completed.

The total cost of the psychometric test + counseling session is Rs. 3,000.