Baishali Mukherjee

Arts, Humanities and Languages, Media and Communication, Journalism, Public Relations (PR), Freelancing Careers, English, Social Studies, Counselor

Kolkata, INDIA

About Baishali


<p>At the outset let me introduce myself as an independent writer and journalist from Kolkata, freelancing with leading media houses of the country since last nine years. Presently I am associated with <strong>Education World Magazine</strong>, <strong></strong> and <strong></strong>. Earlier I have worked with <strong>Entrepreneur India</strong>, <strong></strong> and <strong></strong>. <br /><br />I also have experience in diverse verticals of content development and have provided texts for websites, newsletters, brochures and social media platforms. My nine years experience also includes translation of research papers and writing speeches and communication copies for corporate honchos.<br /><br />My articles and features have been published in leading digital and print media India. I have also worked as the content head for four coffee table books, <strong><u>including one on former President of India - Sri Pranab Mukherjee</u></strong>.</p>




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Baishali Mukherjee

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