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Ghaziabad, INDIA

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<p>Akshat Agarwal is a Specialist in Digital Marketing. He has scored a 770 in GMAT, 98.63 in CAT and 99.46 in XLRI and had secured his admissions with <em><strong>Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad</strong></em> (Calcutta & Lucknow) & <em><strong>Indian School of Business Hyderabad</strong></em>. He loves mentoring candidates on GMAT preparation, MBA Application Strategies, and Post-MBA Career Roadmap.</p> <p> </p> <p>Akshat is an experienced Data & Renewals Specialist with domain expertise in Telecom & Software industry. Currently, he is working with <em><strong>Adobe</strong></em> as a Specialist - Digital Marketing, Retention Strategy & Operations.</p> <p> </p> <p>In addition to this, he is also an Ex. Ed. candidate with <strong><em>Harvard Business School</em></strong> (Harvard CORe), Certified Business Analyst from <em><strong>The Wharton School</strong></em> and a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant from the <strong><em>Kellogg School of Management</em></strong> & <strong><em>Columbia Business School</em></strong>.</p>


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Akshat Agarwal

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