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MS Counselling, Biomedical and Life Sciences, Data Science & Analytics, MS Machine Learning & AI, Renewable Energy & Sustainability, Biotechnology, Career Guidance, Study in USA, Study in Europe, Study in Canada, Study in Australia, Study in Germany, Job Search Guidance, Counselor

Kolkata, INDIA

About Tanmoy


<p>After working in the scientific research domain (<em>in the UK, Netherlands, and Australia</em>), Tanmoy switched to career counseling, admission consulting and Product Marketing.</p> <p> </p> <p>Tanmoy specializes in working with candidates on their career paths and applications for Masters in <strong><em>Data Science & Analytics</em></strong>; <em><strong>Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering & Life Sciences</strong></em>; and <strong><em>Renewable Energy & Sustainable Systems Engineering</em></strong>. </p> <p> </p> <p>Additionally, he also helps candidates with their <strong><em>career roadmap development</em></strong>, <strong><em>job search</em></strong>, and <strong><em>online personal branding</em></strong>.</p> <p> </p> <p>Tanmoy is from Molecular Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences background with 5 years of research experience in the fields of Cardiovascular Medicine, Cancer Biology, Biomarkers, and Drug Discovery. He did his Masters from <strong>Aston University</strong>. Later, he worked at the <strong>University of Oxford</strong> (UK), <strong>University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU)</strong> (Netherlands), and <strong>University of New South Wales (UNSW)</strong> (Australia). Currently, Tanmoy also manages Product and Content Marketing for Stoodnt, Inc.</p>


Ex-Oxford, UMCU, UNSW | MSc (Aston), B.Pharm (WBUT)


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Tanmoy Ray

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