Europe MS Pupil - SOP and Essay Review

Great for Undergraduate students. Get guidance, advice and help from experienced college admission counselors. Start early, get ahead! Great value for your investment.

Europe MS Pupil
  • Counselling Session(1x20 Minutes)
  • University Shortlisting
  • Application Package (4 Universities)
  • SOP/Essay Brainstorming(1 Round)
  • SOP/Essay Review & Edit(2 Rounds)
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Unlimited sessions, backed with our service guarantee. If you do not get admitted into one of the recommended college by the counselor, we refund 50% of your money back. No questions asked. Sign-up for this package and get end-to-end help with everything associated with the college admission process and application. The admission counselor working with your child has years of experience, proven results and destination market insights. Why settle for less when you can get the best?

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To sign-up for the service, you will need to provide payment details. If you do not use the service, we will refund the amount minus applicable processing fees (5%). Counselors on Stoodnt platform are not agents of any university and they cannot write your application, essay or profile. They only provide quality guidance and help, and we stand behind our service quality.