The program focuses on self-discovery and career choice for students Class X onward​.

  • A comprehensive overview of over 70 careers and a initial career inventory
  • Psychometric profiling across strengths, personality and key goals
  • Career Choice, Subject Choice and Flexible Career Plan
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$150 ( Summer Offer )
How does it help?

The session is conducted mostly between the student and counselor. Parents are invited for an introductory conversation in the beginning (about 15 mins) and a summary conversation at the end (about 45 minutes). Subsequently, you would receive a comprehensive report in about a week's time. A follow up session will happen after three months and six months to address any new developments/thoughts. However, your child would have access to any clarifications or information at any stage of his/her career.

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To sign-up for the service, you will need to provide payment details. If you do not use the service, we will refund the amount minus applicable processing fees (5%). Counselors on Stoodnt platform are not agents of any university and they cannot write your application, essay or profile. They only provide quality guidance and help.